Workflow stencils for swim lane style workflow diagram.

Swim Lane workflow

Business Process Modelling Notation 4 stencils


OmniGraffle stencil for generating strategic roadmaps. Special thanks goes to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Improvements…

Strategic Roadmap Stencil

Process Modelling (or "Service Modelling") should be simple, but nothing steals the wind from the sails of a process improvement, enhanceme…

Service Sketching

Provides a set of blocks and connectors to enable architecture description views to be produced using the open source TRAK enterprise archi…

TRAK Enterprise Architec…

Stencils for Simple Business Engineering Artifacts Created by: Julian Beisenkötter

Business Engineering

A really simple user journey stencil. The circles mark events or interactions on the customer journey. The text below them describes the in…

Simple user journey

Created by: Christopher Corbell

UML2 Activity Diagrams

The balanced scorecard (BSC) is a multiple performance measurement system. The balanced scorecard was developed in the USA by Robert Kap…

Balance Scorecard

UML Use Case stencil – in colour. Includes Use Cases, Actors, Notes, Associations and Use Case Descriptions. The stencil uses Pro features…


Digital versions of the sticky notes used in an event storming session.

Event Storming

Used to diagram business cases

TAM Block Diagrams