This is a basic set of symbols used in flowcharts.


Successor of the popular UML 2.1 collection, updated to match the latest UML 2.5 spec and slightly optimized. Contains elements for class, …

UML 2.5 Collection

包含UML 时序图常用的元件

常用的时序图元件(sequence UML)

11 different styles of arrow graphics in 6 colors

11 Arrow Styles in 6 Col…

Create your own flow diagrams to map our your use cases and map out the happy path of the customer journey. The stencil includes Standa…

Growth Gauge Diagrams

You can create a flow chart with the company’s current structure. In each box you can write: - Name - Position - Email And join th…

Organization Chart

Add notes, lines, and annotations to your documents for reference and comments.


Use this stencil to construct train or other network maps. Also works for visualising work processes. The station labels are transparent l…


Created by Tormod Lund for use with OmniGraffle Created by: Tormod Lund

Figures by Thor-2

Graphical notation that is used to depict message flows from the Reactive Design Patterns book written by Roland Kuhn with Jamie Allen.

Reactive Actor Systems

SysML v1.5 stencil provides collection of SysML notations based on SysML version 1.5. We started to develop this stencil on May, 31 2017 an…


Make a visual diagram with names of folder-sub folder and files. Any comment

Files and Folders tree



The Core Loop is a guide for crafting engaging experiences that bring people back.

The Core Loop

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