Each month of the 2020 Calendar year ready for your projects.

2020 Calendar

AWS Architecture Icons pack 2020-09-11. Scalable PDF icons created from SVG. Source: https://aws.amazon.com/architecture/icons/ Creat…

AWS 2020-09-11 ALL

A Causal Loop Diagram (CLD) is a simple and elegant way of capturing all kinds of intrinsic relationships within systems. One can think of …

Causal Loop Diagram (CLD)

This is a cool set of transparent note boxes that I made for my diagrams. I’ve had quite a few people asking about them so I’m sharing on S…

Cool Notes Bro-1

Figures that support the Logical Thinking Process (Dettmer).

Logical Thinking Process

Version 2.0 of the USITT suggested graphic for sound design, a work in progress.

USITT Sound v2

Contains objects used to diagram the MQ Topology

IBM MQ Stencils v2



Circular figures made of arrows

Arrow Circles

UML2 Usecase Diagram


Causal Loop Diagram Elements and Archetypes

Causal Loop Diagrams

UML2 Activity Diagrams


UML2 State diagram


Curved arrow shapes in 8 colors.

Curved Arrows

Blocks and icons for documenting systems and processes.

EXPW System Design