Elements for creating electrical diagrams. Created by: Michael Jones

Electronics +

Just a simple set of stencils to draw out a plan for wiring lights and outlets in your home, garage, shop, etc. Created by: Rob wilderman

DIY Electric

Nixie tubes and digits, IN-14 tubes, vintage radio tubes, nixie clock, Stein’s Gate, Tomorrowland, maker projects, art deco, vintage, retro…

Nixie Tubes and digits

This stencil contains several symbols used in CMOS circuit drawing. Symbols: MOSFET, Current source, Voltage source, VDD, GND, Common, D…

CMOS Circuit

Elastic Arch Stencil


Nixie tubes and font, based on IN-14 tubes from the former Soviet Union. Nixie tubes are popular within the maker community for clocks and …

Nixie tubes and font

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B for wiring diagrams, with GPIO pinouts listed. This is drawn from a photograph, not precise measurements, so I wo…

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Magnetized shapes for most Arduino boards: Arduino Pro Arduino Mini Arduino Nano Arduino Fio Arduino Micro Arduino Uno R3 and Arduino Leona…


Created by: Quinn Taylor

Boolean Gates +

A simple set of vector-based LEDs. Ungroup the components to build your own set of LEDs. The LED numerals are made up of vector shapes. The…


Counters Registers Shift Registers Flip flops control & logic Created by: Emmanuel Lazard


Icons for finite automate or state machines

Finite Automata

Stencil for the Arduino Mega 2560 R3, based off of the original Arduino stencil by Noel Geren Created by: Yuriy Mosiyenko

Arduino Mega 2560 R3

A few Xbee RF modules for your next wireless project. Created by: Smyge

Xbee RF modules

This stencil contains the depictions for Original Resource, TimeGate, Memento, TimeBundle and TimeMap as used in the Memento (Time Travel f…


Yamaha RIO3224 input/output box

Yamaha RIO3224

For optical schematics, based on http://www.gwoptics.org/ComponentLibrary/

Optics Component Library

Velleman DVM830 Digital Multimeter with Transistor Test