A simple 360 degree adjustable compass rose with labels. Use the non-adjustable version for full 360 degrees due to the limitations of adju…

Adjustable Compass

Oscilloscope Graticule w Sine Wave

Oscilloscope Graticule w…

v1.2 contains: - JF Series Speakers

EAW v1.2

Contains objects used to diagram the MQ Topology

IBM MQ Stencils

Diagraming set for Apex controller and other Neptune Systems modules.

Neptune Systems

A simple 360 degree compass rose with labels. To use only a portion of the the rose, consider taking a look at the Adjustable Compass


A tool for diagramming directed acyclic graphs for planning Pachyderm pipelines. Now with better magnets!

Pachyderm DAGs

A simple scale to illustrate the explosiveness


Generic hand valve

Hand Valve

Stencils for Punch Through Bean & Bean+ Arduino bluetooth boards. Add bluetooth to your Arduino project. Connects to any mobile device, t…

Punch Through Bean & Bea…

Generic Flow Measurement

Flow Measurement

Thermocouple Plug

TC Plug

Blue Bottle containing helium

Helium Bottle