A simple 360 degree adjustable compass rose with labels. Use the non-adjustable version for full 360 degrees due to the limitations of adju…

Adjustable Compass

v1.2 contains: - JF Series Speakers

EAW v1.2

Contains objects used to diagram the MQ Topology

IBM MQ Stencils

Oscilloscope Graticule w Sine Wave

Oscilloscope Graticule w…

Diagraming set for Apex controller and other Neptune Systems modules.

Neptune Systems

A simple scale to illustrate the explosiveness


A simple 360 degree compass rose with labels. To use only a portion of the the rose, consider taking a look at the Adjustable Compass


Stencils for Punch Through Bean & Bean+ Arduino bluetooth boards. Add bluetooth to your Arduino project. Connects to any mobile device, t…

Punch Through Bean & Bea…

A tool for diagramming directed acyclic graphs for planning Pachyderm pipelines. Now with better magnets!

Pachyderm DAGs

Generic hand valve

Hand Valve

Generic Flow Measurement

Flow Measurement

Blue Bottle containing helium

Helium Bottle

Thermocouple Plug

TC Plug

Clear Com Hot Spot Antenna

Hotspot Anttenna