Elements for creating electrical diagrams. Created by: Michael Jones

Electronics +

Just a simple set of stencils to draw out a plan for wiring lights and outlets in your home, garage, shop, etc. Created by: Rob wilderman

DIY Electric

This stencil contains several symbols used in CMOS circuit drawing. Symbols: MOSFET, Current source, Voltage source, VDD, GND, Common, D…

CMOS Circuit

Nixie tubes and digits, IN-14 tubes, vintage radio tubes, nixie clock, Stein’s Gate, Tomorrowland, maker projects, art deco, vintage, retro…

Nixie Tubes and digits

Elastic Arch Stencil


Nixie tubes and font, based on IN-14 tubes from the former Soviet Union. Nixie tubes are popular within the maker community for clocks and …

Nixie tubes and font

Magnetized shapes for most Arduino boards: Arduino Pro Arduino Mini Arduino Nano Arduino Fio Arduino Micro Arduino Uno R3 and Arduino Leona…


Raspberry Pi 2 Model B for wiring diagrams, with GPIO pinouts listed. This is drawn from a photograph, not precise measurements, so I wo…

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Created by: Quinn Taylor

Boolean Gates +

Counters Registers Shift Registers Flip flops control & logic Created by: Emmanuel Lazard


A simple set of vector-based LEDs. Ungroup the components to build your own set of LEDs. The LED numerals are made up of vector shapes. The…


Icons for finite automate or state machines

Finite Automata

Stencil for the Arduino Mega 2560 R3, based off of the original Arduino stencil by Noel Geren Created by: Yuriy Mosiyenko

Arduino Mega 2560 R3

This stencil contains the depictions for Original Resource, TimeGate, Memento, TimeBundle and TimeMap as used in the Memento (Time Travel f…


A few Xbee RF modules for your next wireless project. Created by: Smyge

Xbee RF modules

For optical schematics, based on http://www.gwoptics.org/ComponentLibrary/

Optics Component Library

Yamaha RIO3224 input/output box

Yamaha RIO3224

Velleman DVM830 Digital Multimeter with Transistor Test