AWS Updated Stencils - General Resources

AWS18 General Resources

AWS 3D stencils re-builded based on AWS Reference Architectures schemas at Created by: Stone Evil


Web-scale networking and open networking diagram elements by Cumulus Networks. For those who want to network with S.O.U.L. (Simple, Open, U…

Cumulus Networks Stencils

AWS Updated Stencils - Compute

AWS18 Compute

AWS 2019 General as PNG in color

AWS19C General

These are abstract, clean icons of plugs often used on computers. Their reduced design nicely sets them apart from whatever icons you use t…

Peripheral Plugs

AWS Updated Stencils - Network and Content Delivery

AWS18 Network and Conten…

AWS 2019 Database as PNG in color


Primitives for illustrating various components of the Chef configuration management platform. Created by: Chef Software, Inc.

Chef 2

AWS 2019 Compute as PNG in color


Dark Blue icons for NSX for vSphere. There is a collection of 2D and 3D shapes within this set.

NSX for vSphere: Dark Bl…

The default stencil of United Security Providers, Switzerland's largest IT security provider. Contains network symbols like switches, route…

United Security Provider…

The familiar Juniper Networks Icon library.

Juniper Icons

Pack of logos related to IT Operations


AWS 2019 IoT as PNG in color


AWS Updated Stencils - Security Identity and Compliance

AWS18 Security Identity …

Microsoft VMs by function for Azure

Microsoft VMs by function

AWS Updated Stencils - Storage

AWS18 Storage

AWS Updated Stencils - Management Tools

AWS18 Management Tools

Mikrotik Routerboard products that can be used for port mapping or general drawings


AWS 2019 Analytics as PNG in color


Ubiquiti’s 24 and 48 port Edgeswitches for port mapping or drawings. Work well with the great Rack Elements stencil by kyle.sluder


AWS Updated Stencils

AWS18 Analytics