Updated AWS Icons

AWS Icons

AWS Updated Stencils - Management Tools

AWS18 Management Tools

Ubiquiti’s 24 and 48 port Edgeswitches for port mapping or drawings. Work well with the great Rack Elements stencil by kyle.sluder


Cloud server


Cisco Catalyst 9000 stencils

Switches - Catalyst 9000

AWS 2019 Analytics as PNG in color


AWS Updated Stencils

AWS18 Analytics

Reflecting a Standalone or actual Number of 3850s in a Stack of 3850s with WLC function. Created by: Florian Cokl


Stencils for ORM2 fact-oriented modeling. Some features require OmniGraffle Pro. See http://www.ormfoundation.org for more information.

ORM2 Object-Role Modeling

AWS 2019 Groups dark&light in color

AWS19C Groups dark&light

Miscellaneous MS Desktop Products. Word, Excel, Access etc.

Miscellaneous MS Desktop…

AWS 2019 Storage as PNG in color

AWS19c Storage

TM Forum's ODA is a reference architecture for digital service providers which maps Open APIs and assets against technical and business pla…

Open Digital Architectur…

Set of Icons for OMS. Microsoft's cloud-based IT management solution.

Microsoft OMS

AWS 2019 ML as PNG in color


AWS Updated Stencils - Developer Tools

AWS18 Developer Tools

AWS Updated Stencils - Groups light theme

AWS18 Groups light

AWS Updated Stencils - ML

AWS18 Machine Learning

AWS 2019 App Integration as PNG in color