My version of the classic switch and router icons that we've all come to know and love. These icons are a bit cleaner than those that provi…

Net Stencil IV

This is an update to the Network Stencils IV icon set.

Network Stencils 7

Modern Network Diagram

DevOps Diagram

Created by: Timothy J. Miller

Formal Network Symbols

This is a conversion of the Splunk Marketing Icon Library originally created for PPT, manually converted to OmniGraffle stencil format. Use…

Splunk Marketing Icons

Citrix Infrastructure Stencils updates for XenApp/XenDesktop 7.13

Citrix Infrastructure 7.…

Here's a set of network stencils that takes the basic symbology created by Cisco in their icon sets and applies them to a standardized shap…

Net Stencils Simplified

Stencils used to design architectural and engineering diagrams for Infoblox products. Created by: Ben

Infoblox Products

Set of elements for visualization of microservice architecture a project web.

Microservice architecture

Open Security Architecture Icons. Converted from SVG.

Open Security Architectu…

A collection of home network hardware and smart home devices. Created by UX Kits.

UX Kits Home Network

Networking objects in various colors.

Networking in Color

AWS Simple Icons from SVG. Last created from v17.1.19

AWS Simple Icons Full

A collection of frequently-used server rack items, including the racks and rails themselves. Created by: Kyle Sluder

Rack Elements

AWS (Amazon Web Services) 3D


Generic Network Stencils and other useful stencils

Network Stencils v.2.12p

Non-vendor specific server icons for your network diagrams.

Servers Generic

Cables of computer network and digital devices. Created by: Yi Siqi


Primitives for illustrating various components of the Chef configuration management platform. Created by: Chef Software, Inc.


AWS Updated Stencils - Database

AWS18 Database

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Icons v0.1 Created by: Brian

Cisco ACI Icons

This is a small addition to my Net Stencil IV collection. Hope you find these useful. Created by: Robert Hastings

Wireless Networks