Set of Icons for OMS. Microsoft's cloud-based IT management solution.

Microsoft OMS

Used to diagram business cases

TAM Block Diagrams

A slight fork of the USITT graphic guidelines for sound systems.

Audio Symbols v2

Whether you're into Dungeons & Dragons, or Pathfinder, or some other RPG, chances are you're going to need to build a dungeon. Big or small…

Dungeon Builder

Elements for designing a FCE Forms for the TYPO3 BackEnd Created by: Pim Snel


This is the first of two stencils of military (NATO) symbols I made and use for my wargames maps and orders of battle

Military Symbols I

Viptela Stencils vBond, vSmart, vManage, vAnalytics, vEdge

Cisco SDWAN Viptela

Created by: Patricio Suarez

Film Lighting

AWS 2019 ML as PNG in color


Everyone needs a few gold stars for prototyping their website. This stencil includes one full, half, and an empty star. Enjoy!

Gold Stars