This is a small addition to my Net Stencil IV collection. Hope you find these useful. Created by: Robert Hastings

Wireless Networks

Furniture, plants, and architectural elements for planning a modern landscape. Created by: Kristin Murray

Modern Landscape

Fork of a previous microservice stencil, with additional apps.

microservices dmurvihill…

AWS Architecture Icons pack 2020-04 in Light color version. Scalable PDF icons created from SVG. Source:…

AWS 2020-04 Light All

AWS Updated Stencils - General Resources

AWS18 General Resources

Nats, vault, etcd, Kafka, redis, grafana, elastic, artifactory, quay, helm, argo, prometheus, envoy

DevOps Icons

A stencil of watchOS buttons, text styles, toggle switches, look and icon templates, and menu rows, all for the 38mm face size. If you’d l…

Apple watchOS Suite

Stencils for Simple Business Engineering Artifacts Created by: Julian Beisenkötter

Business Engineering

A really simple user journey stencil. The circles mark events or interactions on the customer journey. The text below them describes the in…

Simple user journey

Web-scale networking and open networking diagram elements by Cumulus Networks. For those who want to network with S.O.U.L. (Simple, Open, U…

Cumulus Networks Stencils

Just a few controls for Simple Forms / Wireframes

Simple Forms

A handy collection of walls, windows, and doors for laying out basic floorplans.

Wall, Windows, and Doors

An SOA specific modelling language derived from previous generations of modelling languages like UML. It's a small and simple set of elemen…

Chuck SOA Modelling Elem…

This stencil contains several symbols used in CMOS circuit drawing. Symbols: MOSFET, Current source, Voltage source, VDD, GND, Common, D…

CMOS Circuit

Specific phone, tablet, and watch devices, and generic laptop and desktop. Created by UX Kits.

UX Kits Hardware v2

Unified Modeling Language allows you to visualize the design of software and other systems. Created by UX Kits for the Omni Group.


AWS Architecture Icons pack 2021-01-31. Scalable PDF icons created from SVG. Source: Creat…

AWS 2021-01-31 ALL

AWS Updated Stencils - Compute

AWS18 Compute

Created by: Christopher Corbell

UML2 Activity Diagrams