A handy collection of plumbing fixtures for laying out basic floorplans.

Plumbing Fixtures

Created by: Quinn Taylor

Boolean Gates +

OmniGraffle stencil with DC Metro elements. Good for illustrating timelines, case studies, concurrent work streams, or mass transit systems…

DC Metro

Stencils for ORM2 fact-oriented modeling. Some features require OmniGraffle Pro. See http://www.ormfoundation.org for more information.

ORM2 Object-Role Modeling

AWS Updated Stencils - Management Tools

AWS18 Management Tools

AWS 2019 Analytics as PNG in color


Counters Registers Shift Registers Flip flops control & logic Created by: Emmanuel Lazard


AWS Updated Stencils

AWS18 Analytics

Flowers for gardening or landscape design.


Create your own flow diagrams to map our your use cases and map out the happy path of the customer journey. The stencil includes Standa…

Growth Gauge Diagrams v2

Hierarchal template with flat colors in landscape view. Created by: Kevin M

Flat template

金字塔模型 isometric pyramid

Isometric Pyramid

206 common web safe colors as defined by the Mac color picker.

Web Safe Colors

Reflecting a Standalone or actual Number of 3850s in a Stack of 3850s with WLC function. Created by: Florian Cokl


Miscellaneous MS Desktop Products. Word, Excel, Access etc.

Miscellaneous MS Desktop…