Cloud server


AWS 2019 Analytics as PNG in color


Hierarchal template with flat colors in landscape view. Created by: Kevin M

Flat template

A handy collection of plumbing fixtures for laying out basic floorplans.

Plumbing Fixtures

AWS Updated Stencils

AWS18 Analytics

A stencil set of C4 model objects based on the diagrams on the C4 model website ( accessed on April 29, 2020. This st…

C4 Simple

Reflecting a Standalone or actual Number of 3850s in a Stack of 3850s with WLC function. Created by: Florian Cokl


Stencils for ORM2 fact-oriented modeling. Some features require OmniGraffle Pro. See for more information.

ORM2 Object-Role Modeling

Flowers for gardening or landscape design.


金字塔模型 isometric pyramid

Isometric Pyramid

Square boxes with flat colors Created by: Kevin M

Flat boxes

Counters Registers Shift Registers Flip flops control & logic Created by: Emmanuel Lazard


AWS 2019 Groups dark&light in color

AWS19C Groups dark&light

Miscellaneous MS Desktop Products. Word, Excel, Access etc.

Miscellaneous MS Desktop…