Oscilloscope Graticule w Sine Wave

Oscilloscope Graticule w…

Figures that support the Logical Thinking Process (Dettmer).

Logical Thinking Process

v1.2 contains: - JF Series Speakers

EAW v1.2

Just the spawn_link and monitor arrows since they cannot be made with the stock arrow heads.

Visual Erlang

Technical Architecture Modelling Stencils


Version 2.0 of the USITT suggested graphic for sound design, a work in progress.

USITT Sound v2

Infrared Camera Icon

IR Camera Icon

A stencil of Apple Watch buttons, text styles, toggle switches, look and icon templates, and menu rows, all for the 38mm face size. If you…

Apple watchOS Suite 38mm

This is a cool set of transparent note boxes that I made for my diagrams. I’ve had quite a few people asking about them so I’m sharing on S…

Cool Notes Bro-1