A simple 360 degree adjustable compass rose with labels. Use the non-adjustable version for full 360 degrees due to the limitations of adju…

Adjustable Compass

Angles and tracks for film


A stencil of Apple Watch buttons, text styles, toggle switches, look and icon templates, and menu rows, all for the 38mm face size. If you…

Apple watchOS Suite 38mm

Twitter Bootstrap

GC Section

Infrared Camera Icon

IR Camera Icon

An octagon shape with END text.


Graphic & Image Placeholders in 4 widths (with text showing the size and ratio of each). Also included is a set showing only the ratios. Wi…

Image Placeholders

v1.2 contains: - JF Series Speakers

EAW v1.2

This is a cool set of transparent note boxes that I made for my diagrams. I’ve had quite a few people asking about them so I’m sharing on S…

Cool Notes Bro-1

Oscilloscope Graticule w Sine Wave

Oscilloscope Graticule w…