Updated AWS Icons

AWS Icons

Digital versions of the sticky notes used in an event storming session.

Event Storming

Units for planning a square foot garden. Created by: Kristin Murray

Square Foot Gardening

Microsoft VMs by function for Azure

Microsoft VMs by function

Human heart anatomy and standard tomographic planes for the left ventricle. The American Heart Association (AHA) section is in Spanish. The…

Human Heart

some standard stencils for software architecture design.


Map pictographs, as used on National Park Service maps. Created by: US National Park Service

Map Pictographs - Nation…

A handy collection of appliances for laying out basic floorplans.


Common Transportation department icons to help plan Lighting and Grip. I've used these objects when planning night-exterior shoots and nee…

Transpo Dept. for Filmma…

After 15 years of working in Omnigraffle, I modified the original Film Lighting extensively. This new version includes more lights, modern…

Film Lighting 2

Mikrotik Routerboard products that can be used for port mapping or general drawings


A stencil set of C4 model objects based on the diagrams on the C4 model website (https://c4model.com/) accessed on April 29, 2020. This st…

C4 Simple

Magnetized shapes for most Arduino boards: Arduino Pro Arduino Mini Arduino Nano Arduino Fio Arduino Micro Arduino Uno R3 and Arduino Leona…


Raspberry Pi 2 Model B for wiring diagrams, with GPIO pinouts listed. This is drawn from a photograph, not precise measurements, so I wo…

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Cisco Catalyst 9000 stencils

Switches - Catalyst 9000

Knowledge Stack: Graphs and Charts. A set of graphs and charts from Knowledge Stack.

Knowstack Graphs Charts

AWS Updated Stencils - Security Identity and Compliance

AWS18 Security Identity …

Stencil for Sencha GXT components. Stencil uses the Gray theme. Sencha GXT is a widget toolkit for GWT (Google Web Toolkit). Created by:…

Sencha GXT

AWS Updated Stencils - Storage

AWS18 Storage

Cloud server


Ubiquiti’s 24 and 48 port Edgeswitches for port mapping or drawings. Work well with the great Rack Elements stencil by kyle.sluder