AWS Updated Stencils - Storage

AWS18 Storage

AWS Updated Stencils - Management Tools

AWS18 Management Tools

Hierarchal template with flat colors in landscape view. Created by: Kevin M

Flat template

Mikrotik Routerboard products that can be used for port mapping or general drawings


Map pictographs, as used on National Park Service maps. Created by: US National Park Service

Map Pictographs - Nation…

Created by: Quinn Taylor

Boolean Gates +

AWS 2019 Analytics as PNG in color


A handy collection of appliances for laying out basic floorplans.


After 15 years of working in Omnigraffle, I modified the original Film Lighting extensively. This new version includes more lights, modern…

Film Lighting 2

AWS Updated Stencils

AWS18 Analytics

Reflecting a Standalone or actual Number of 3850s in a Stack of 3850s with WLC function. Created by: Florian Cokl


Ubiquiti’s 24 and 48 port Edgeswitches for port mapping or drawings. Work well with the great Rack Elements stencil by kyle.sluder


Square boxes with flat colors Created by: Kevin M

Flat boxes

Cisco Routers - ISR 4000

Routers - ISR 4000

Flowers for gardening or landscape design.