AWS Updated Stencils - Security Identity and Compliance

AWS18 Security Identity …

A stencil of all FileMaker objects to create great mockups. If you’d like to see something added in future versions please let us know: in…


OmniGraffle stencil with DC Metro elements. Good for illustrating timelines, case studies, concurrent work streams, or mass transit systems…

DC Metro

Common Transportation department icons to help plan Lighting and Grip. I've used these objects when planning night-exterior shoots and nee…

Transpo Dept. for Filmma…

AWS Updated Stencils - Storage

AWS18 Storage

After 15 years of working in Omnigraffle, I modified the original Film Lighting extensively. This new version includes more lights, modern…

Film Lighting 2

Cisco Routers - ISR 4000

Routers - ISR 4000

Map pictographs, as used on National Park Service maps. Created by: US National Park Service

Map Pictographs - Nation…

Mikrotik Routerboard products that can be used for port mapping or general drawings


A handy collection of appliances for laying out basic floorplans.


AWS Updated Stencils - Management Tools

AWS18 Management Tools

Created by: Quinn Taylor

Boolean Gates +

Hierarchal template with flat colors in landscape view. Created by: Kevin M

Flat template

Ubiquiti’s 24 and 48 port Edgeswitches for port mapping or drawings. Work well with the great Rack Elements stencil by kyle.sluder


AWS 2019 Analytics as PNG in color


AWS Updated Stencils

AWS18 Analytics

Updated AWS Icons

AWS Icons

Reflecting a Standalone or actual Number of 3850s in a Stack of 3850s with WLC function. Created by: Florian Cokl