A Causal Loop Diagram (CLD) is a simple and elegant way of capturing all kinds of intrinsic relationships within systems. One can think of …

Causal Loop Diagram (CLD)

Each month of the 2020 Calendar year ready for your projects.

2020 Calendar

A stencil of Apple Watch buttons, text styles, toggle switches, look and icon templates, and menu rows, all for the 42mm face size. If you…

Apple watchOS Suite 42mm

Circular figures made of arrows

Arrow Circles

AWS 2019 Media services as PNG in color

AWS19C Media Services

Velleman DVM830 Digital Multimeter with Transistor Test


Enapter Hydrogen Plumbing stencil used to make nice-looking and professional schemes for hydrogen projects by using industry standard hydra…

Enapter Hydrogen Plumbing

A simple 360 degree adjustable compass rose with labels. Use the non-adjustable version for full 360 degrees due to the limitations of adju…

Adjustable Compass