AWS 2019 Compute as PNG in color


Other pictographs, as used on National Park Service maps. Includes accommodations, services, land recreation, water recreation, winter recr…

Other Pictographs - Nati…

Created by Tormod Lund for use with OmniGraffle Created by: Tormod Lund

Figures by Thor-2

Pack of logos related to IT Operations


I've modified the original Camera Staging stencil to fit my needs, and wanted to share it. It now has dollies, track, crane\jib, a more cu…

Camera Staging version 2

A map of the United States. Created by: John Oram


Stencil to get started with Android wear designs. Reference information is available at:…

Android Wear

macOS windows, toolbars, text fields, popup menus, and other controls — including dark-mode versions. Created by UX Kits.

UX Kits macOS

Express your integration using entreprise integration pattern (EIP). This is taken from the Enterprise integration pattern book written by …


Make a visual diagram with names of folder-sub folder and files. Any comment

Files and Folders tree

A very inclusive plumbing stencil featuring pipes, adapters, elbows, tees, wyes, p-traps, flanges, couplings, drains, and air admittance va…

DWV Plumbing Stencil

SysML v1.5 stencil provides collection of SysML notations based on SysML version 1.5. We started to develop this stencil on May, 31 2017 an…


A stencil to make nice scientific diagrams for my thesis. Depends on the Latin Modern Font


Elastic Arch Stencil


Created by: Christopher Nagel

Camera Staging