AWS Updated Stencils - Groups light theme

AWS18 Groups light

Simple and easy to use.

UI Simple Stencil

This is the second of two stencils of military (NATO) symbols I made and use for my wargames maps and orders of battle.

Military Symbols II

A first generation Apple Watch device stencil. This stencil includes the watch with a band, the watch without a band, and just the screen. …

Apple Watch Device Stenc…

AWS Updated Stencils - ML

AWS18 Machine Learning

The periodic table of elements.

Periodic Table

Green shapes needed for prototype app and toolbar icons.

Green Shapes

Includes almost a dozen donut varieties! Chocolate Frosted, Pink Frosted, Boston Cream, Lemon Filled, Apple Fritter, Crueller, Old Fashione…


Basic Elements of a TYPO3 Back End. Useful for designing BE Modules. Created by: Pim Snel


AWS 2019 App Integration as PNG in color


A collection of stencils for Meyer Sound speakers, wedges, arrays, and more! v1.2 contains: - Ultra Series speakers

Meyer Sound v1.2