This stencil contains the depictions for Original Resource, TimeGate, Memento, TimeBundle and TimeMap as used in the Memento (Time Travel f…


A few Xbee RF modules for your next wireless project. Created by: Smyge

Xbee RF modules

Simple and easy to use.

UI Simple Stencil

A collection of stencils for Meyer Sound speakers, wedges, arrays, and more! v1.2 contains: - Ultra Series speakers

Meyer Sound v1.2

AWS Updated Stencils - Groups light theme

AWS18 Groups light

AWS Updated Stencils - Developer Tools

AWS18 Developer Tools

Fully vector stencil for creating mockups using Sencha GXT widgets in the Triton theme.

GXT Triton

Elements from earlier versions of OS X.


This is the second of two stencils of military (NATO) symbols I made and use for my wargames maps and orders of battle.

Military Symbols II

The periodic table of elements.

Periodic Table

Green shapes needed for prototype app and toolbar icons.

Green Shapes

AWS Updated Stencils - ML

AWS18 Machine Learning

For optical schematics, based on

Optics Component Library