Icons and Templates used at the IBM Architecture Center

IBM Cloud Architect Cent…

A collection of home network hardware and smart home devices. Created by UX Kits.

UX Kits Home Network

Generic Network Stencils and other useful stencils

Network Stencils v.2.12p

Stencils for planning micro services architectures. Forked from: kavkaz https://stenciltown.omnigroup.com/search?q=microservices

Microservices Architectu…

Font Awesome gives you 605 scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done…

Font Awesome Icons

Google Material Icons are beautifully crafted, delightful, and easy to use in your web, Android, and iOS projects. Material design icons ar…

Google Material Design I…

AWS Simple Icons from SVG. Last created from v17.1.19

AWS Simple Icons Full

Viget.com https://github.com/vigetlabs/Twitter-Bootstrap-for-Omnigraffle CREDITS Crafted by Elliott, Todd, and Lance at Viget. …

Twitter Bootstrap

Networking objects in various colors.

Networking in Color

A set of objects for creating a UML sequence diagram Created by: The Omni Group

UML - Sequence

Successor of the popular UML 2.1 collection, updated to match the latest UML 2.5 spec and slightly optimized. Contains elements for class, …

UML 2.5 Collection

Stencils to use for modelling a software system, based on Simon Brown's C4 model. These stencils support the Context, Container, and Compon…


A collection of frequently-used server rack items, including the racks and rails themselves. Created by: Kyle Sluder

Rack Elements

Process Modelling (or "Service Modelling") should be simple, but nothing steals the wind from the sails of a process improvement, enhanceme…

Service Sketching

AWS (Amazon Web Services) 3D


Non-vendor specific server icons for your network diagrams.

Servers Generic

Simple left and right curly braces.

Curly Braces

Elements for creating electrical diagrams. Created by: Michael Jones

Electronics +

11 different styles of arrow graphics in 6 colors

11 Arrow Styles in 6 Col…

Create gorgeous marketing funnel diagrams with the beautifully drawn symbols in this sampler. Includes flat and wire versions of each symbo…

Cool Funnel, Flow & Map …

包含UML 时序图常用的元件

常用的时序图元件(sequence UML)